Get a better chance at a successful claim

Tips to make a successful claim

There are a few things that you can do that will improve your chances of a successful claim. Some of these tips below may seem obvious, but they contribute to a surprisingly high number of failed claims:

1. Always ensure that your premium payments are up to date

Stop paying your insurance premiums and your insurer is not obligated to pay for any theft, losses, or damages. Should any disputes arise, always keep proof of your payments.

2. Quickly report incidents to the SAPS

By reporting incidents to the SAPS, you receive a case number that verifies the incident and will give the insurer some clarity of the facts of the event that prompted the claim.

3. Notify your insurer/broker promptly

Many insurers require claims to be submitted within a month of the event – this ensures that they are protected against fraudulent claims. This is an easy process that should not be put off.

4. Be honest

Any falsities in your insurance claim could lead to an immediate dismissal of your claim and could have criminal ramifications. Take care to relay all information as accurately as possible.

5. Give more detail

Many claims are rejected based on the inadequacy of the details given of the incident. Give the insurer as much as possible to work with to qualify your claim.

6. Provide evidence

Many claims require photos or videos to prove theft/loss/damage. Where relevant, ensure that you have valid ownership documents and records of purchases and sales.

Always feel free to consult with us at ProVérte Risk Management should you require more detail on how to make a claim or how to make your claim as strong as possible.

Although all possible care was taken in the drafting of this document, the factual correctness of the information contained herein cannot be guaranteed. This document does not constitute advice and anyone planning on taking any financial action based on this document, is strongly advised to first consult with their personal financial advisor. ProVérte Risk Management is an authorised financial service provider with FSP no. 51584.

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