The rainy season is here
- here’s our top tips for road safety

Don’t let the drizzle make your insurance fizzle

After the scare of the impending “Day Zero” in 2018-19, we have learned to appreciate every drop of rain that falls in the winter months, but while rain may bring a sigh of relief, drivers should be aware of the dangers of  wet roads and what they can do to ensure their own safety on the road.

Here are our top tips to stay safe in wet weather:

Slippery roads

It may seem obvious, but rainy conditions often result in slippery roads. This happens because sunken oils often rise to the surface making slip-and-slide accidents much more likely.

Rather slow down your driving speed, keep a longer following distance and avoid sudden changes in movement (including harsh braking and acceleration).


The only part of your vehicle that should ever touch the road are your tyres, which is why making sure they are in good condition in the rainy months should be your top priority. While the legal limit on the tread of your tyres is 1mm, at least 3mm tread is recommended to limit your risk and ensure stability on wet and slippery roads.


Rain and stormy weather drastically reduce visibility on the roads, which is why it is recommended that you turn on your headlights in these conditions and keep a good following distance. Driving in fog and mist also requires special caution. Another aspect to consider is the maintenance of your wipers to ensure a clear view of the road.

By driving well and prioritising vehicle maintenance, you can avoid most accidents. However, accidents can still happen and are often unexpected, which is why a good insurance policy is vital. Should you wish to review your vehicle insurance, or require cover, feel free to get in touch with us.

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