Towing: Is it legal?

Nobody wants to have a claim repudiated due to an incorrect license type.  

Here are some important factors you need to know about the safety and legalities of towing a trailer or caravan.

What is the difference between the codes EB and B driver’s licenses?

Individuals who find themselves towing a trailer or caravan should always ensure they hold the correct license type that allows them to tow.  The old code 8 license prior to 2000 has been replaced by the EB license, which allows the holder to tow a trailer or caravan weighing over 750kg. The new code B license does not allow you to tow anything over 750kg and you will have to retake the learner’s license test and repeat your driver test to obtain an EB license.

If you want to tow more than 750kg, look for the ‘E’ in your license code – EB, EC, and EC1.  

To tow legally, individuals should consider the following: 

GWM:  The maximum total weight allowed for both the vehicle and trailer
Tare weight:  The officially accepted weight of an empty vehicle
Payload:  The maximum amount of weight the vehicle can safely carry
Manufacturer’s Maximum Towing Capacity:  The maximum towing capacity specified by die manufacturer
Tow-bar static load and tow-bar maximum drawing capacity:  As per the manufacturer specifications

Also, take note that trailers and caravans exceeding 750kg GWM are required to have their own braking system.

To avoid regret, always make sure that you and your employees have the necessary license type that complies with the latest legislation.

Legislation may differ if you are crossing the border – You will have to enquire to ensure compliance in the relevant country.

If you have any questions about towing and how you can avoid a repudiated claim, make sure to contact our experts today.

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