About Us

Professional Risk Solutions

Everything we own in life has value, which means that it is worth protecting.

ProVérte has more than 25 years’ experience in short-term insurance for individuals and businesses in a wide variety of industries, specialising in agricultural insurance.

We provide a risk management service that seeks to understand your interests to give you the best protection for your possessions in an efficient process that is tailored to your requirements. We build strong relationships that keep your insurance cover relevant and adequate for risk minimisation.

We believe that all things valuable are worth protecting. How you protect it and how you deal with a setback (whether a result of damage, loss, or theft) will have a major impact on how well you move forward from it.



We take care to assess your risk and provide you with your best solution for your unique circumstances and requirements.
We take a holistic approach to
ensure that every aspect of your risk profile is attended to.



We manage your risks with maximum efficiency while focusing on you.
We take on a supportive role that is centred around the relationship we have with you. In this way, we ensure that you’re valued and heard.



We believe in prompt communication to ensure accurate risk management.
Your risk advisor will make sure to provide you with feedback within a short turn-around period so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

ProVérte’s Strengths

We view risk differently

We take risk management seriously. Not only are we experts in the field, but we also share a passion to see people and businesses protected against the unforeseen. Consistency, efficiency, and ensuring peace of mind are our top proficiencies when helping you see your insurance requirements met.

Did you know?

Our name was derived from the words ‘professional’ and ‘werte’ (which means ‘values’ in German). It is a marker that confirms our commitment to maintaining professional values.

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